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"The Belief System (B.S.) Boss"

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Making B.S. Boss Moves: The Four R;s to Achieve Success

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The B.S. Boss Blueprint: A Guide to Perpertually Succeed

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Today I Choose Me: From Empty Nest to Full Throttle



...Dr. Lisa provides a step-by-step plan for readers to prepare their hearts and minds to release a prayer to God for their future success. She focuses on a reader’s “B.S.,” or “Belief System,” including thoughts about God, relationships, personal resources and more, backing up concepts with Bible stories and her life experiences...

...Tips are conveyed in the form of conversations between Dr. Lisa and her audience, and this method is lively and informal.
Specific values are shared (that resources mean more than money; that mindsets and attitudes should be
empowered) with enthusiasm that encourages learning and growing. The connected advice—such as to record
thoughts about relationships and track their progress; to speak uplifting words; and to take initiative and apply to
dream jobs—is practical, collectively suggesting that people have to create personal environments that support their
goals. Introspective questions to the audience result in moments for pausing and reflecting...

...Non-Christian readers should be aware that, in the author’s view, one can only achieve one’s goals after undertaking a renewal of one’s personal Christian faith. “The word of God is how we accomplish everything and put feet to our faith,” she writes. The overarching concept of her book is that Christian readers should stop waiting on the deity to solve their problems or to actively assist them in achieving their dreams—because God is, in fact, waiting on them to take action on their own. The heart of Ellis’ evangelism is bracingly practical:

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Dr. Lisa T. Lewis, The Belief System (B.S.) Boss, through her Belief System training, teaches career-oriented single mothers to provide abundantly and effortlessly for their families so that they can achieve their love and money goals without stress or guilt. A certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Trainer, Dr. Lisa is also the best-selling author of Making B.S. Boss Moves: The Four R’s to Achieve Success, and The B.S. Boss Blueprint: A Guide to Perpetually Succeed.  She also hosts, The Blueprint, a streaming TV program that helps you design your life’s vision and goals one episode at a time!


  • 30+ Years of Leadership & Management in the Public Sector (Budget and Finance)

  • MizCEO Society for Coaches Executive Coaching Certification

  • Certificate in Public Leadership (The Brookings Institute)

  • Certificate in Personal Development & Executive Coaching (The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute)

  • Ordained Elder/Clergy (Greater Saint John Cathedral)

  • The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

Dr. Lisa is available to speak at your next event as Keynote or Workshop Facilitator.  Her topics include:

  • Success

  • Leadership

  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Self-Care

She also hosts, group coaching sessions called "The B.S. Boss Breakthrough".  She does very limited premium one-on-one coaching.  Please see the "Upcoming Events" section as to her upcoming sessions.

She hosts "The Blueprint" which is available on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, YouTube, and across various social media platforms.  She has also been seen on the following:

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Dr. Lisa T. Lewis. (1)

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